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A comparative analysis of the impact of auditing in the growth and survival of government establishments



Abstract The rate at which government establishments become ineffective in operations is alarming to the point that they do no more bear the fruits for which they were planted. Despite the continued strategic plans made by the government to salvage these ugly trends. There remains no positive result recorded and none is envisaged. All is not well as indicated by the performances appraisals of our public enterprise compared with their private counterparts. One may ask where actually is the root of inefficiency in the public sector. To put it simple and short, corrupt officials. These are appointed officers who instead of maximizing social welfares, prioritize their personal interest. This accounts for embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, loss of assets, financial recklessness, squandermania, and the researcher made his research work under the topic “A comparative analysis of the impact of auditing in growths and survivals of government establishments, A case study of Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba”. In the light of the above, if proper assignment is implemented in our public enterprise, we shall all testify to the substantial results achievable. Independent appraisal by a trained and qualified examiner will certainly unravel such ill inherent in the so-called management team. Moreover, such an independent examiner will serve as a watchdog to the management of these public enterprises.


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