In the new marketing concept, marketing begins and ends with the consumer. After his needs and wants have been systematically identified, analyzed, a product or service is conceptualized, designed and developed as a need-satisfying offering. Hence, after the due processes of other elements of the marketing mix (i.e.. pricing and distribution channel), Strategy comes in to sensitize the target market about the existence of that product (Smith, 2000:260). As an integral part of marketing mix, strategies is therefore used to communicate the unique selling proposition (USP) of an offering. Strategy is persuasive communication about an organization and its products. It is a communication that informs potential customers of the existence of products, and persuade them that those products have need satisfying offering (Kotler, 2001:28).in modern marketing management, marketing strategies for promoting consumer products may differ with that of industrial products in terms of application and design and conceptualization. The communication objectives may also differ. However, this research specifically focuses on the marketing strategies adopted by automobile manufacturers in marketing their products. Innoson, one of the auto assemblers/marketers in Nigeria is our case study. Given the nature of auto products (especially those manufactured by Innoson, the major interest of this research project is to identify and understand the variations in the choice of marketing strategies of an organization of the sort. The structure of this work is made up of five chapters. The first chapter, the introductory chapter deals, the background of the study, objectives, significance of the study, as well as its limitations. The second chapter reviewed past literature that is related to the context of this study, while chapter three deals with the research methodology. The fourth chapter itself has all the data presentations and analysis, and the vii last chapter five is on research findings, conclusions and recommendations. Finally, it is worthy to note the following, that both primary and secondary means constituted the main instruments for data collections, our analysis was done on the basis of survey research methodology (simple statistical methods_, while the hypothesis testing was by the use of Chi-square.

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