A two month coronavirus report by Guardian and Punch newspaper




This project looks at two month coronavirus report by Guardian and Punch newspaper. This research work explored a two-month coronavirus report by guardian and punch newspaper. The objectives of this study were to examine the nature of the media report coverage on coronavirus disease, to examine how the media affect the sensitization awareness of the disease, to examine how the media mitigate the spread of the virus, to identify the editorial standpoint of selected newspapers on the coronavirus disease. Information theory was used as a framework. The research design used for this study is content analysis, two newspapers were used as sample size and purposive sampling technique was applied. From the analysis of the data, the findings show that health facilities, health workers and treatments were some of the coverage of the media report, information on false news and encouragement were the techniques used by the media to sensitize the public, newspaper writing on prevention control and social distancing help mitigate the spread of the virus, lockdown easing, palliatives and vaccine were the editorial standpoints of newspapers. Following the findings, it was recommended that the editorial standpoint of newspaper (media) can help sensitize the public and mitigate the spread, therefore, the media should be careful with their publications ensuring that it doesn’t release false news, suggestions provided by media should be taken into consideration by the government. The study, therefore, concludes that newspaper reports can help reduce the spread thereby cushioning the effect of the virus. Keywords: newspaper report, the Guardian, Punch, coronavirus disease, Nigeria.

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