The world provides a competing for environment for firm competing for consumers chike of their product. yet consumers have the right to decide on what form of information they will respond to this research work is to examine critically influence of television Advertising on consumers choice of beverage plc. This research has the core objective of determining whether television advert has an influence on consumers choice, if there are factors, which can influence consumers choice and if advertising bring about brand loyalty in the course of this project, the researcher adopts survey research method with questionnaires as 600 used for this study. The sampling technique used is sample random sampling among the findings of this project is that television advertising influence most consumers, choice of beverages like carbury and also noted that television advertising alone could not perform all the task of influencing consumers in their choices of beverages. However, the major recommendation put forth is that no television station should down play advertising of the products especially carbury and as much as possible the price of the product should be emphasized on during advertising to capture consumers interest



The major purpose of advertising is to communicate, educate and market a product/ service, idea or cause, though a channel or media that is accessible to target audience. However, the marketing function recognizes the strategic value of advertising as an element of the promotional mixifirm use in selling their goods and services according to Ozoh (1998, p.13).
Advertising is a distinct promotional element that serves as a bridge between the advertisers and the target market. Through advertising, the advertisers deliver his massage to the target market. Also in a mass market, where it is quite impossible to reach the multitude of prospects for a brand personally, advertising offers not only the cheapest means, but an effective way of entering into the targets consciousness to get them acquainted with the product with the product or services so there is need for advertisement in order to get the targets acquainted with the product or services.
Moreover, many organizations or industries believe that advertising their products will command or attract many consumer for such product. The question now is, does television advertising on consumers choice of beverage using carbury as comparative study for this research.
The research under study orders on the topic “influence of television advertising on consumers choice of beverage”. Advertising pervades our lives. It is impossible to read newspaper, magazine, and journal or watch television, listen to radio or even travel the streets of our cities without being bombarded by commercial messages. Our country derives benefit from information about products and services. On the other side of the fence, companies with products or services to sell, regard advertising as a valuable and indeed indispensable marketing tool. a proximately 3% of the gross national product is currently devoted to advertising, so advertising is a large and essential way of doing business.
research of old see broadcast audience (TV viewers)as passive, hence they provided the passivity theory or buller theory which states that the media has a powerful effect on the audience and this means that once the advertising message gets to audience, it has an immediate impact on them. however, later research has proved otherwise. it is true that some kinds of communication on some kinds of product brought to the attention of some kinds of people, under some kind of conditions have some kind of effect, according to berelson as cited in Nwosu (2005, p.40). This does not mean that the audience is not without their own eritical-mind on a product. Television advertisements have been found to be of immense benefits.
Business organization involves them with advertisement in order to create awareness about their products and services and boost sales. By definition, advertising as the advertising practitioners council of Nigeria (APCON) defines it “is a form of communication through media about products, services, or ideas, paid for by an identified sponsor” (cited in Ozoh, 1998, p.1).Fletcher (1979) as cited by in Ozoh (1998,p.2) opines “it is the dissemination of sales message through purchase time and space. The authors of contemporary Advertising (Bovee and Arens 1986) define, it as the “non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about a products, services or ideas by an identified sponsor through the various media.
Furthermore, advertising is a form of communication through the media about products, services, ideas, personalities or organizations, paid for by an identified sponsor. It is also a profession, a body of reminsee involved in the conceptualization, planning, creating, packaging and placing of advertising plays a major information role, making known available product and services to the intending consumers, and offering the products and services as attractively possible, thus enabling the consumer to make a choice, Wright and Warner(1997, p.2) opine that advertising has the unique function to create differentiation among product brands and services that are otherwise difficult to distinguish”.
Advertising of a particular product that fails to live up to the expectations of the consumer will not be effective and thus, will not exert any influence. How true is the above assertion? To what extent do these television advertisements influence audience? Hence the relevance of this study: influence of television advertising on consumers’ choice of Beverage.
The primary aim of every business organization is to make profit and this profit in achieved through the patronage of the class of people the business organization regard as its primary customers. According to McDaniel (1996 p.1) Advertising is a method of impersonal communication using such media as the press, radio, Bill board, television and so on. However, there are a number of problems which need to be carefully stated before any decision can be made about whether to spend any money on advertising at all, let alone how to spend it. For example many people believe that advertising is a waste of money and that media expenditure would be better spending on personal selling. All these are issue in television advertising, hence the need to undergo a study on influence of television advertising on consumer choice of Beverages.
The following are the objectives of this work
1. To find out if television advertising has any influence on consumers choice of Beverages.
2. To find out whether there are other factors which can influence consumers on their choice of beverages.
3. To find out if television advertising brings about brand loyalty.
4. To find out the number of people that watch television advertising.
With a view to obtaining answer to the problems of this research work, the following research questions are posed.
1. Does television advertising influence consumers choice of beverage?
2. Can other factors other than advertising influence brand loyalty?
3. Do consumers see brand name as synonymous with quality?
4. How often do masses view television advertising?
The essence of television advertising is to influence consumers in decision making on their choice of beverages based on what they watch. This study is relevant for advertising agencies and the media who sees the need to receive and disseminate television advert to the public. Also, the study would help researchers and other scholars in ascertaining the influence or effects of television advertising on brand choice of audience it will help audience in the selection of products.
The effect of this work is targeted at determining the responses among television viewers concerning television advertising on consumer’s choice of beverage using carbury as a comparative study to be covered. Attempt will also be made to know the extent at which television station run such programmes.
The major limitations of this study is that the newness of the topics as assigned by the project supervisor posed a big challenge to the researcher. Lack of material such as textbook, journals, internet print-outs relevant to carry out the research and renovation of school library were banners to the study. Despite all these limitations, the research was successfully carried out.
The under listed terms are defined in with their usage in the study, influence, operationally, influence means the indirect power over something. It could be as a result of something, somebody or a group of people.
Television: It is a piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch adverts with sound and moving pictures.
Advertisement: It refers to any paid for or sponsored messages, which is disseminated through the media and aim at informing and persuading to purchase a product or services.
Consumer: In this context, consumer refers to a person who buys and uses finished goods and services.
Choice: This refers to the selection of something among possible alternatives.
Beverages: Refers to any liquid that is drunk for food or pleasure. A drink other than water

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