This project is titled AIDS awareness program in Nigeria. The purpose of this research work was to examine the level of awareness and attitude of students towards HIV/AIDS in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. The research instrument used was the questionnaires, 200 respondents were used for the study. From the data collected the following finding were revealed that although many students have heard of HIV/AIDS as a dreaded killer disease, only a few of them know the causes of HIV/AIDS. Some of the students lack adequate information on the mode of transmission of the diseases there is the poor role of the secondary schools in HIV/AIDS education of student’s lack of sex education in the school curriculum. Parents shy away from their responsibility in educating their children about their body chemistry. Lastly lack of awareness campaign about HIV/AIDS based on these findings the following recommendations were made: Government should encourage the introduction of sex education in the College of Education Ekiadolor-Benin school curriculum. Government and non-governmental organizations should put in more efforts on awareness campaign program. Government should organize seminars, workshops based on the mode of transmission of HIV among students, which will enable them to know that is their responsibility to educate their children about their body chemistry.

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