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An assessment of reading habit among primary school students



An assessment of reading habit among primary school students. 


A survey research was conducted to assess the reading habits among primary school students, a case study of ….., the objectives were to identify the frequency of reading,  the time spent on reading, the types of reading materials available to the students, the reasons for students’ reading habit and the problems that affect reading habit among the students in the study Area. The primary data used for this project research were collected by the use of structured questionnaires, while the secondary data were from textbooks, journals, the internet, etc. A total of sixty students were randomly selected as sample size for this study. Simple descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution and percentage were used to achieve all the objectives. The result shows that (46.67%) of the students were males while (53.33%) were females, (6.67%) of them were in their 10 years, while (and 46.66%) were above 12 years old. On the time spent on reading, it shows that (58.34%) read always, (33.33%) often read, (5.00%) rarely read and only (3.33%) of them never read. It also shows that (15.00%) read for less than 1 hour, (56.67%) read for 1-2 hours, (18.35%) read for three for 3-4 hours, (6.67%) read for 5-6 hours while (3.33%) of them read above 6 hours..


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