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INTRODUCTION Communication is very important to the existence of human organization. The environment in which organization operate today is complex and comprises physical, cultural psychosocial, economics, legal, political, technical and other characteristics. It is in this environment that all organization must operate their business. They must among other analysis the character of economics and social problem and acknowledge that their policies are adopted and administered in a political system where concentration of power and self-interest has to be tacked. In addition, good communication network in the form of postal and telecommunication has been interpreted by various meaning. Some regard it as message itself. Some feel it is the channel along which the message is passed while other term it as the cut off message, passing communication can therefore be rightly defined as the process by which information is passed between individual or organization by means of a previously agreed method (either verbal or written). In everyday life one seeks information from or passes information to them. This communication can be verbal (face to face or telephone). Written (letter, memos, reports etc) or mechanical (seconding original documents instead of transmitting the message in them). The most vital means of receiving or sending information is oral communication. Osiegbu (1983:40) said that the factors that contribute to failure in implementation of organizational objectives include lack of clarity of purpose and failure in understanding of objective policies and tasks at any level by any group or individual. Failure in communication or perception clashes of interest of value, gap between anticipated and actual event, degree of flexibility and capacity of organization to respond to the unexpected all those by no means are possible constraints to organizational intention but the major concern here is the breakdown in management function due to no communication. In other word how “effective communication improves managerial performance”. Communication function is the means by which organized activity is unified. The means by which social input are fed into the social systems or organization, the means by which behaviour is modified, change is effected, information is made productive and goals are achieved, be it business, the military, the government and so on. In a similar form, communication relates to exchange of facts, opinion or emotions by two or more persons in an organization. It could be word, letters, symbols or messages in a way that one-organization member shares meaning and understanding with another. On the other hand management is the managing of a complex system of men, machine, money and the physical structure whose effective coordination is necessary in the production of a product or service that have economic value to the society. The practice of management also rest to a large extent on the role or part which individuals and groups in the organization play and of course the way their activities are harmonized. Human beings are essentially crucial for the development growth and success of any organization for it is the human beings that get things done. The practice of management involve taking charge and streamlining the activities of organization member to ensure that as far as possible desired objective are active.


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