Broadcast media, tools for effective rural development

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This project focuses on Broadcast media, tools for effective rural development. The study is a critical examination of the role of broadcast media as tools for effective rural development. The rural means of communication is still the epitome for rural development. These broadcast medium of communication includes the following: radio, television and some modern means of communication such as the internet etc. However, both primary and secondary data will be used in gathering information for the study. The secondary data will come as a review of documented materials, while the primary data will be obtained with the help of questionnaire and oral interview, and will be administered to the rural dwellers with the help of the researcher, who will help the unlettered ones to fill in the boxes by explaining the questions to them. A total of 383 questionnaire will be distributed precisely to the Magaji of Oyun Village. The data collected will be tabulated and analyzed using percentages. The four hypotheses formulated will be tested using chi-square method respectively. The findings of the study will show among others that the broadcast media is a tool for effective rural development. 

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