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The main aim of this project work is to construct and assemble and electronic can horns have may application especially in modern vehicles such as cars, lorries, trucks etc. the car horn is designed to convert a small signal input inform of electric current in a loud noise. The D.C supply is fed to an a stable multi-vibrator which produces a square coawel form. These pulse serve as the input that gives out a loud noise.



1.0Background of the study:

The most recent advancement in technology has given birth to different development in the field of engineering. Provision has been made by technologist who cover a wide range of human environment giving solution to humans problem.

Project work from the basic foundation on which the whole structure of electrical engineering is built. It is and essential feature of and engineering course and enables the student to understand the basic practical techniques and concepts which promotes them to a great level of reasoning toward solving the problems of man and the society at large.

In automobile technology, vehicles such as motor cars, motorcycles etc consist of a horn system used as an alert to the public or from one vehicle to another. A car horn is of a great importance as it can sound an alert to someone or the public of a vehicle presence thereby eliminating issues that may had to an accident.

A vehicle horn is a sound making device used to warn others of the approach of a vehicle. Automobiles, trucks, ships and trains are also required by law to have horns. Bicycle are also legally required to have an audible loaning device in many jurisdiction but not universally, and not always a horn.

Oliver Lucas of Briminghan, England developed a standard car horn in 1910. automobile horns are usually electronic driven by a flat circular steel diaphragm that has an electromagnet acting upon it andis attached to a contractor that repeatedly interrupts the current to the electromagnet. This arrangement works likes a buzzer or electric bell and is normally knows as sourcing or honking one horn. There are usually a screw to adjust the distance/tension of the electrical contacts for best operation. A spiral exponential horn shape sometimes called the snail is cast into the body of the horn to better match the acoustical impedance of the diaphragm with open air and thus more effectively transfer the sound energy. Sound levels are approximately 107109 decibels and current draw 56 amperes. The recent advancement in technology now brings about the utilization of an electronic car horn which can be operated electronically by using a sensor which can easily defect obstacles along its line of radiation.

As the rays of the sensor are which breached, it snails back a wave in from of signal to the horn system immediately triggers the sound system incorporated and continues until the obstacle is removed.

During this research work it was discovered that the electronic car horn explained above is not get used in Nigeria since independence in 1960 and as a result of this, road users have encountered a lot of problem from both the motorist and passersby.

1.1 Statement of the Problem:

In the wake of independence in Nigeria till present, several account or cases have been filed pertaining to unfortunate incident of malfunctioning car horn. The use of electronic horns have not been fully initiated in Nigeria and because of this, the safety of the road users are not assured because the use of manually operated car horn can fail sometimes owing to the carelessness of the driver or may be the malfunctioning of the horn system. It is light of this that the researchers are constructing an electronic car horn system.

1.2 Purposes of the study:

The main purpose of this project work is to contract an electronic car horn that will work as perfect as the imported car horn. Specifically, the project is aimed at achieving the following:

i It is aimed at eliminating or atleast curtailing the problems faced by road users.

ii The project work is also aimed at elimination the malfunctioning of the manually produced horn thereby reducing the cases of accidents.

iii Above all, this project is aimed towards curtailing the gap of discoveries and invention between the whites and the blacks.


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