Most sectors of the Nigerian economy are financed on a credit basis. The provision of credit facilities by the commercial banks could, therefore, be seen as an essential lubricant of the national economy. Hence, credit financing could be seen as a backbone to the economy. It is very hard to see a business transaction without the mechanism of credit. It provides the lubricant for the continuity of transactions regardless of the immediate availability of cash. The idea of choosing to write on this topic credit analysis UBA of Nigeria Plc is chosen as a case study and the credit analysis and loan administrative practice in the bank (UBA) were undertaken through the analysis of retrieved data and personal interview with the administration and staff of the bank. The study in UBA of Nigeria plc has revealed that the UBA is a law biding commercial bank on which its policies, guideline and regulation are in consonance with the dictates of the economy. Thus, the regulation and policies that have been put in place by the central bank of Nigeria to safeguard bank failure and improve the national economy are highly recognized by the bank and serve as the basis for its operation.

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