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Design and implementation for an electronic assets tracking system



Abstract The fact that we are living in a computer age remains indisputable. Automation and use of computers are now the order of the day in every aspect of life of which courier management information system is not and exception. This project work is aimed at computerizing the entire Courier System that will aid in the planning and control of parcels as well as reduce the overall cost due to lost luggage. The new courier information system also has ultimate objectives to be achieved and some of the technical terms associated with it which makes the new system more useful and reliable than the former system. This project deals with the surest and fastest means of sending peoples luggage within and across the countries. It makes the home, friends, and relations near from afar. All over the years, modes of luggage conveyance has been through the sea only. This entails more time wastage for the goods to get to its destination. This courier management information system has all it takes for easily delivery of parcel from the sender to the required receiver. In case any loss of parcel or information, this new system has a sure way of retrieving the customer’s information from the database. 


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