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Decision support system for telecommunication companies in Nigeria



Abstract Decision support System (DSS) is a computer-based information system that supports decision-making activities in the sense of assisting human decision makers in the exercise of judgment, but which does not itself make the decision. DSS benefits the management in terms of identification of negative trends, better allocation of business resources and information representation in the form of charts, graphs i.e. in a summarized way. One of its important applications is the price setting process or the calculation of expenditure and modifying plans based on user usage for various services provided to the customers by various firms. Telecom system is such a system where information is very broad& continually updated. The aim of this research work is to represent an intelligent decision support system that will enable the service provider to gain vital insights into the prevailing trends and judge the profits made. The knowledge thus gained can be utilized to identify the plans that need to be modified according to customer preference. The system thus developed can be used in finding out what are the chances that a customer may port out. Also it will be useful in identifying plans that may help to get back the ported out customers by offering optimized plans to them. 


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