Design and development of a diagnostic expert system for kidney diseases



Abstract Expert system on kidney diseases is a software doctor aimed at designing a package that can act as expert doctor assist in the absence of one. A database of the procedures of this diagnosis of kidney diseases will be created, this will enable the retrieval of the data collected and stored for feature use. This package is simple, easy and reliable it makes an individual with computer knowledge have a vast range of knowledge for diagnosing kidney diseases and prescribing treatments after inputting data. Hospitals, research centers, laboratories and the government will benefit from this project when properly implemented, especially in rural areas where experts system are almost not available. In carrying out this project the methodology used are interview, questionnaire, and examination of records.  Due to the problem of the old system which is lots of time being wasted by patients while in a queue, since their reference or retrieval of information from old patients case is often a problem, sluggish rate releasing diagnosis report, patients past record are subjected to fear of rodents and termites attack. The new system will be capable of implementing a medical expert system on kidney diseases that will provide complimentary assistance to a patient without first going to the doctor for a diagnosis and be able to provide a system which is very effective, efficient, secure and reliable. This design expects gave the structure for the new system. Visual basic (V.B) programming language 6.0 version was used.  

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