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Design and implementation Automated Revenue Computation Software For Water Corporation


This project is on Design and implementation Automated Revenue Computation Software For Water Corporation. The means through which Otukpo local government water board funds its corporation leaves much to be desired. This result has called for research study to be carried out on automated revenue computation software for Water Corporation with the local government as a case study. In view of this development, it is pertinent to say that modern automated gadget back-up with appropriate software will meet the challenges of this corporation. The objective of this research is to develop software that will be able to print report of debtors who are unable to clear their bills for previous month. The work shall automatically judge the overall performance of the board either progressively or retrogressively. The work shall make necessary innovation for revenue computation in the water board. It attempts to compare the revenue of the board in previous years, present and years ahead. Finally, this project work aims at designing a package called “automated revenue computation software”. Using BASIC as a programming language.






This project is on Design and implementation Automated Revenue Computation Software For Water Corporation. Water is one of the basic necessities of life that is required by human beings and living things for sustenance and growth. Over the years, the masses of the area have been dependent on public water supply for household use and other important purposes. But suffice it to say that in all these years, water have been sparingly supplied by the local government water board as hitter it would be thus, causing discomfort and inconveniences to the customers. No one may ask why, was this problem was arising? Well in attempt to answer this question it could be easily be suggested that, the board was lacking patronage which arose from a wrong conception of idea on the parts of consumer in terms of public water supply. More details of these and how the board is computerized will be discussed later.


The water board was established by Edict of No13 of 1975 in late August 1980, incorporated under the companies and allied matters acts as a limited liability company. As public water supply company in the town, the board vested with the responsibility of producing and selling of water to members of the public on regular basis. This is possible by the board for private, industrial and commercial or public customers.

A form is provided by the board that is a customer will be supplied base on the number or size of building at the residence. This implies, the supplied cost is computed with respect to the number of building to be supplied. Also a new customer is expected to make an advance payment for two (2) months to affect a connection and defaulter are made to pay reconnection in case of disconnection arises.

Finally all these procedures are followed after due inspection of residence by an inspection officer from the board.


The water board has encountered major setback in carrying out her operations. Some of these setbacks include:

Billing system, the corporation and their customers suffered in terms of billing which affected both sides in this case, the board billed her customers more than the service rendered and some time charged less than their services.

Secondly, inadequate of water supply by the board to the members of the public due to manual operation by the board, inspection officers are stressed for moving from house to house for the cases of connection and disconnection. Manual operation also causes improper record keeping by the board, record such as information of their staff, customers and so on.

Finally a lot of revenue are been wasted by the members of the public who felt that water is a government owned corporation that it should be supplied free without payment which caused a great lost to the board supplying them with water.


The following are the objective of this study:

  • Annual production cost of water for the population of Otukpo local government area.
  • This work shall make the necessary innovation for revenue computation in the water board.
  • The work shall automatically judge the overall performance of the board either progressively or retrogressively.
  • It attempts to compare the revenue of the board in the previous years, to the present date and years to come.
  • The software should be able to print report of debtors who are unable to clear their bills for previous month.

Answer Yes or No

  • Did customer paid their bill completely at the end of the month?
  • Did the board consider their customers for bills?
  • How many times the board supplies water weekly or daily, are sure?
  • Did the inspection officer come around?
  • Is water been supplied according to the number of houses within the residence?
  • Is the corporation managed very well by the workers? Etc


The research work aimed at carrying out as analysis of automated revenue computation software for water corporation considering the fact that most people incessantly made utterances commending water corporation in Otukpo L.G.A Benue State, that it is operating while some say that there is total neglect, insensitivity to their height and unprecedented exploitation by water corporation in the face of these conflicting views, it becomes imperative to facilitate the process of identification of real contributions of water corporation in the height of the economic aspiration and supply. After useful suggestions, the researcher is aims at developing and introducing automated revenue computation software for the water corporations.


The extent of this study will be determined by the information gathered when carrying out the research.

This study is limited to Otukpo water board as the capital city of Idoma land, due to the fact that, the procedure and practice of job routine in other branches is the same. Solution suggested and the roles identified in this research work can be received and applied in other branches and the entire origination at large.

A financial constraint is the stumbling block of the researcher, inability to cover all the branches within. Other factors such as time limit, financial cost of transportation and scope of study hindered me to go out side Otukpo, hence opinion sampling is within the area of coverage.


Edict: is an order sent out by authority. It is also known as a decree.

Water: could be defined as a liquid substance use for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.

Consumers: are the ultimate buyers of the commodities produced by the manufacture.

Corporation: This consists of a group of person who governs a town or is authorized to act as an individual.

Board: is a group of person controlling business or government departments.

Population: refers to total number of people living in or within a geographical area or country at a particular time.

Tariff: a tariff is a list of fixed charges.

Labour: refers to all human effort which may be physically or mental skilled or unskilled, scientific or artistic.

Software: is a set of program, instruction for machine (computer) to perform a specific task.

System: A system is a group of entities which are described by their attributes.

Ministry: this is the highest and largest unit in the civil service structure of the modern government.

Loan: this usually a sum of money either lent to the corporation or an individual.

Government: the term is used to means the existence of a central authority in Nigeria which as power and resources, the administrative machinery and accepted procedures for regulating, coordinating of groups of individual within the country.

State: is used in political science to indicate a population occupying a definite territory and subject to a government, which is recognized by the other state and has monopoly over the use of legitimate force.

Commission: Is a body created by law and assigned specific functions, which it carries out with strict guidance of law, which created it.

Modules: are parts all division of program, which are independent of one another.

Menu: this is defined as list of selectable commands.

Flowchart: a flowchart shows how computations are on data graphically.

Password: Is a security measure used to restrict unauthorized access to computer system and resources.

Revenue: in business, revenue is income that a company receives from it normal business activities usually from the sale of good and services to customer.


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