Design and implementation of a computerized measuring index for a nation GNP



Abstract Gross National Product is the most widely used measure of the cyclical ups and downs of the economy and to monitor economic growth. In conjunction with a measure of Labour and capital input, it provides indicators of a nation”s productivity. This GNP is a primary focus in the analysis of the current economic situation outside of macroeconomic forecasting and in policy formulation but the question remains first, what is the accurate output of economy outside its  composition and it use second, what is this economic processor mechanism by which output is produced and distributed and how can these non-mortised activity be accurately estimated. How should a National income account be adjusted to I m corporate the delectation of National I resources and deterioration of the environment This project work is a key store to set of measures, which provide answers to the question looking at a computerized measuring index for a National GND, this proposal is a valued solution its capability to combat and reduce the problems. 

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