The demand to acquire knowledge or to learn has rise, thus, the present technology had gone a long way to provided means to learn, irrespective of the distance or the location of the E-learner and source of information. This is achieved through electronic sharing of information and virtual classroom. However, virtual classroom and text based e- learning is a system design to help student gain access and acquire knowledge in any university of their choice. This method of learning will enhance face ? to – face instruction or campus, use of computer in classrooms and elicitation of information with the World Wide Web (WWW) enhanced distance education (on or off campus). Individual and group learning with both print and computer based materials.

With all these, virtual classroom and test based e-learning knowledge is moving towards every students and staff of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (for instance) being an e- learner at least for part of their study, this could be through learning materials e- mails contacting tutors or submitting assignment, the use of website for research or any one of the myriad e- learning application. Thus, students or staff must not travel to Americas to acquire knowledge. Also information can be send to students abroad through online.

Never the less, in this research work, chapter one deals with the introductory part of this work and some definition of terms chapter two deals with literature review and some other important review, chapter three talks about the description and analysis of the existing system, chapter four deals with the system implementation and programming, chapter five is the summary, conclusion and recommendation.

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Virtual e- learning is a system designed to help students gain access and acquire knowledge in any university of their choice. It can include: Enhance face ?to- face instruction (on campus, in class use of computer and the World Wide Web (WWW), enhanced distance education (on or off campus) individuals and group learning with both print and computer-based materials instruction entirely on- line (individual and group learning) because of this mix virtual classroom and text based e- learning knowledge is moving towards every student being an e- learner at last for part of their study, whether through learning materials, e-mail for contacting teachers/ tutors or any one of their myriad other e-learning applications.

Online learning results to learning and other supportive resources that are available through a computer and it includes computer based training, computer based instruction and technology. The e-learning system use text messages to deliver information and data. Student or e-learners will be in their computer receiving lectures as if they are in classroom. This has gone a long way helping e-learners to acquire degree in the institution they have never seen.

Internet as global connection of computers sited around the world forming huge network for information to be shared and disseminated by many millions of people has done so well in information technology and in education so to speak. Virtual classroom and text-based e-learning cannot be an exception. Often time?s students experience a lot of difficult in the quest for basic knowledge from higher institution of their choice, not for the fact that the person doesn?t have resources to acquire them but the risk in traveling from the said institution wherever the person might be pose problems. In order to reduce these risks, satellite computer were established but did not solve the problem of traveling out from one?s location to the said location in quest for knowledge.

In this regard, Federal Polytechnic Nekede compete with a of institutions, this sometimes reduces the number of students enrollment in the school to the above listed problems the system ?virtual classroom and text based e- learning was designed with this Federal Polytechnic Nekede will have thousands of student in which she doesn?t provide any a accommodation or any structure for and still gain much grounds economically and student all over the world suffer less in having any of Federal Polytechnic Nekede?s certificate.
This is designed that before anybody can participate must register. Students have free registration form but lecturers must provide their staff number that tally with their surnames before they have access to registration form. One month is giving to student to pay his/her school fees after registration to remove his/her name from the database.
This will go along way increasing student?s enrollment in the institution. The system has very security conscious software that resides in the ever helping except those supposed. Having seen and observed. Having seen and observed this benefit to students in an unprecedented scale.
Indeed, this sounds interesting to my academic pursuit in FPN. Perhaps this calls for implementation.

Due to the problems students find and experiences, it has never been easy for students to acquire basic and necessary education in any institution one wishes irrespective of the fact that the resources are there. This poses a lot of problems sometimes they will embrace not going to school at all. It is very impossible for a student in America or any other country coming to FPNO everyday for lectures more so, it will be impossible for FPN staff going to America or any other country where the students might be located everyday to deliver lectures.
Sometimes if number of students increase reduction in student’? admission will be affected in order to provided adequate structures where they can have their lectures. The above views are what gave birth to the research work in order to find solution to them.

The purpose of the study is to find possible solution to students whom because of nearness to institute and are unable to acquire knowledge that they need. Again, to provide students easier way to acquire any of the FPNO certificates without been in the institute or with less difficulty. Notwithstanding the fact that other institutes who offer the same courses as FPNO exist, this will go far reducing her competition with them. Since the system is virtual, that is there will be no physical contact between students, their instructors and FPNO, the problem structure is solved.

As they say ?scientia st potential? that is knowledge is power?. The aim of this research is to provide the students all the information needed in any subject that is done in this great institute FPNO. Again to assure that student meets the current trend to academic setting all over the world. This will go a long way making FPNO to be aware of trends in technology and gain to making them have desires for other on-line provisions and computerization in the institute.

The project is concerned with the virtual e-learning system files that are transferable within the net. It should be in form of text file (.txt), rich text files (.rtf) or hypertext mark-up language file (.htmf).

To be candid, I encountered a lot of problems while carrying out this research work.. It wasn?t easy for me to get data relevant for this research. The most important thing I needed was courses FPNO was doing. I requested that from different schools of which I were told to go from one department to another to collect them. Lastly I were able to get some and others from FPNO library. The project work is a tasking job which demands time, money and commitments. Due to lack of funds to meet all resources and materials that are used, I had to make do with other activities while the process was going on.


COMPUTER: an electronic device that is capable of accept
In data, processing data automatically, store it, produces the result where needed.
VIRTUAL CLASSROMM: is an act of using IT tools to distribute or share knowledge between groups of learners. It is not going to be physically but the use of electronics.

E ? LEARNING: it is an acronym of eletroniic learning it is an aspect of virtual classroom that is concerned with sharing of knowledge electronically by use of text video, web or any other IT tools.
FILE: this is a collection of related records.
VEL: This is the acronym of virtual electronic learning
PROGRAM: a set of logical instructions combined together to perform a specific task to a given problem and providing solution to it.
IT TOOLS: is any machines techniques etc. used in information technology.
OUTPUT: result of the processed data by the computer.
INPUT: data supplied to the computer for processing.
IT (Information Technology): it is combination of computing and telecommunication facility.
DATA: raw materials used by the computer.
INFORMATION: processed data capable of solving a problem
E-MAIL: electronic mail, which is an alternative of HIPOST. This is the use of on – line computer to send messages across the net.
STORAGE DEVICES: a device for storing data in the computer
COMPUER NETWORK: it is connection of two or more computers using special protocol such that they share data or information inform of text, audio, messages or mail.
WWW (World Wide Web): this is a format that we use to design website.
WEBSITE: it is information of a particular people, individual, state, country etc made available to be seen or can download on the net.
HOST COMPUTER: the main electronic device that manipulates all the given data and produce the required result to the individual connected to it for information retrieval.
INTERNET: it is global connection of computers sited around the world forming huge network for information to be shared by millions of people.
E-LEARNER: person who uses internet to receive searches for knowledge on the internet.
LAN (local area network): is the connection of two or more computers within one?s boundary.
LOGIN: to connect to the scale and make use of available information provided by the designer within some range of specification.
LOG OFF: it close one?s access from the site the person was using.
LEARNING: process of acquiring knowledge

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