Design and implementation of a web-based internship recruitment system



Abstract This study was intended to design and implement a web-based internship recruitment system. Specific objectives of the study are: To identify the structure/characteristics of internship recruitment, To identify the benefits of an online recruitment system. Concerning methodology for this study, The data used for the development of the research was gotten from the internet, textbooks, and articles. The contributions of other researchers on the subject were examined so as to gather relevant information. The case study also provided useful information for the development of the system. In the existing system, the recruitment was still manually achieved, the average results and grading were manually computed. The problems of the existing system includes it is time-consuming, errors in the computation are very common, it is inefficient, reports of results cannot be easily retrieved. In the proposed system, interns recruitment for the case study will be carried out effectively on the internet in order to save time and also to bring fairly to qualified candidates. This system will save time, minimize computation errors and also help the staffs to recruit the right personnel for the organization. The system design pertains to the layout of the system and it consists of the input and output layout. This study is that it will bring to light the relevance of adopting an online system for short-listing or e-recruitment system and the need for its adoption by organizations. The new system was developed with PHP and MySQL 

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