Design and implementation of a computerized laboratory test analysis system



Abstract The application and the use of computer technology afford better ways of doing things. Therefore since the advent of computers, there have been great changes in world development: economically, scientifically and technologically. With this effect, no one doing serious business at this time will claim to be totally unaware of the importance of computer technology in as much as the volume of work, speed, accuracy, and timeliness are concerned. Presently the Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba uses the manual approach in their laboratory test analysis system. What are the problems inherent in this manual system What are the application areas of computer in laboratory test analysis system Are there benefits accruing from using computer What are the requirements in using computer  And so on. All these questions and others have been extensively discussed in this research work. This study will also be of interest to other medical laboratories that operate manually as it will enable them to appreciate the much they can achieve using automated medical laboratory test analysis system. 

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