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Design and implementation of a web-based veterinary information management system



Abstract This project was centered on developing an online veterinary management system. The conventional process of record-keeping, drug prescription and treatment are not automated and as such impact service delivery and patient’s experience. These issues and more such as poor data management, wrong medication and poor routine check-up visits reminders are what the research attempts to solve by proposing an automated information system. The objective of this project is to provide a reliable record-keeping facility for both medical practitioners and patients alike, provide a means for monitoring the animal’s medical behavior in order to make for easy diagnosis and medical analysis, and improve the overall experience of the day to day operations thereby making information retrieval easy and cost-effective.  With the comprehensive information obtained from the veterinary clinic and from other medical sources, a new system was developed for managing the operations of the clinic. The software will enable quick access to medical records such as patient name, diagnosis, prescriptions, drugs dispensed and treatment received. The software is designed and implemented using PHP and MySQL. This scalable system can also be extended to manage larger veterinary clinics and relevant computerized health center.


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