Abstract Employee Attendance System (EAS) is a simple web-based application attendance system that specifically developed and can be implemented in any organization either small or medium companies.  The software application can manage the recordings, controlling and monitoring of employee attendance and information.  The purpose is to make sure that the employees are punctual and do their jobs on time. Currently, there is no proper system to monitor the employees’ attendance at some organizations. Besides the companies still use the paper-based system to store the records of the employees. With the implementation of this system, the paper-based system will be eliminated. This system can save time and minimize the manpower for manual management. The administrators can easily trace the attendance of the employees compare to manual paper recording and file keeping system.  Besides, the employees’ records are more secure which are saved into the database.  This system also helps to reduce clerical costs such as papers, file, and stationery. The new system was developed with PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL.

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