Design and implementation of an end user computer game using Java



Abstract The goal of our research work is to design an End User computer game using Java This is geared towards developing an end-user Quiz game with the objective of educating the students and making learning fun and interesting. The program displays questions randomly with four (4) options where only one (1) option tends to be the correct answer. The user can choose from any option but only the program can tell the right answer, based on the coded instruction. The main goal of the program is to enable users to practice for subjective tests and examinations, as well as being learned in the computer science field. This quiz program includes three main modules, namely (i) About Game, (ii) Play Game, and (iii) Admin. The ‘Play Game’ modules contain various types of categories (i) Computer Engineering, (ii) Web Technology, and (iii) Computer Networking. These categories contain various types of sub categories. This quiz includes three functions: (i) Hint, (ii) Skip, and (iii) Pause, which are collectively named as life lines that help users to answer questions correctly. These functions can be used only once by a user. It shows progress feedback during quiz play, and in the end, the program also shows the result. The game is designed in a Windows form environment and written in Java

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