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Expert system for the diagnosis of farm disease in cassava plant




Cassava is an important tropical root crop widely grown in many part of the world in a range of agro-ecological environments. The crop can be used for food and non-foods products. Cassava is capable of providing starch for use in drug industries it is a stable source of dietary energy for more than 500 million. Nonetheless, despite the nutritional and economic significance of the cassava crop, the diseases incidence on cassava plantations is fast becoming a constraint in farmers’ quest for a bountiful harvest. This work aims to develop an expert system for cassava diseases diagnosis which would facilitate knowledge transfer and guide farmers on how best the different diseases of cassava can be diagnosed and treated for increasing productivity this system does not only increase the profit margin of farmers carrying out cassava farming, but it also incorporates a design that proffer the best decisions for the appropriate diagnosis of cassava diseases. The system will be developed using PHP as server side programming language, MySQL as database and HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for the front-end framework. The choice of PHP as the server side programming language goes down to the facts that it is an object oriented programming language and that the system to be implemented will be web-based to enhance easy accessibility.


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