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Design and implementation of an online childhood immunization record system



Abstract This research focuses on the Design and Development of Child Immunization System. Many individual health practices and health plans use information systems to track patient immunizations, their medical records are not protected confidentially and information are not securely stored or recorded. A paper-based reporting system is labor intensive, prone to errors, and can lead to the over-reporting of vaccine coverage rates. These are a few of the problems that necessitate this research. The system will be deployed online and will provide a platform with which to view records and update a child’s immunization record from a remote place. It includes facilities to know the number of children that have been immunized from anywhere, Time and date of immunization is also recorded online. It also entails how one can use this to monitor or have access to his or her child health status anywhere, anytime, any day. The methodology used in this project is the Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM). The PHP is the tool used in the developing of the software and its database is MYSQL. It is simple and easy to use. The report shows the list of children immunized and the different type of immunization taken at each point in time. 


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