Design and implementation of an online NYSC mobilization and deployment system



Abstract Every year many corps members are posted to different parts of the country to serve their fatherland for one year. The mobilization and deployment of corps members to their places of primary assignments is a much more difficult task. The camp officials manually select corps members and deploy them to different organizations for their primary assignments. The manual method used is very cumbersome, time-consuming, and also prone to errors and irregularities due to human nature. Irrespective of the time consumed in this manual deployment some of the corps members are being deployed to where their disciplines are irrelevant to their place of primary assignments thereby leading to their rejection and making the service year wasted. In this research, an online mobilization and deployment decision model was designed to considerably take care of the aforementioned problems. The decision system provides an automated process for posting corps members to their places of deployment appropriately. The model also provides an avenue for organizations to register their  Request for corps online and the corps can check their places of primary assignment from anywhere they are. 

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