Design and implementation of result alert system using SMS technology



Abstract The rate at which people use SMS messages is increasing at so fast a pace that they may exceed the rate at which E-mails are transmitted through the internet in the nearest future. E-mail to SMS is also becoming increasingly popular due to the mobility provided by new ubiquitous systems. Unfortunately, the present method for sending E-mail to SMS using available software does not allow for flexibility since proprietary software used for this purpose is not made available to subscribers. It has, therefore, become imperative to develop open freeware software that can be made available to users interested in tailoring the software functionalities to suit their purpose. We developed a web-based gateway system that for sending E-mail to SMS. Bulk SMS was purchased and HTTP is employed as middleware using SMS API of estoresms.  With the advent of mobile network communication system, users have been offered lots of services such as the ability to send multimedia messages like SMS, Video, Data files, Images e.t.c. This project describes the design and implementation of a result alert system that conveniently provides examination results to students with the use of Email and SMS technology via their mobile phones and devices. Result Alert System takes advantage of some of the technologies that Mobile devices provide, technologies such as the Email and Short Message Service (SMS). The implemented system allows registered students to access their results, including past results, provided they are available in the system’s database..

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