Design and implementation of an online real-time parcel tracking and monitoring system



Abstract Have you ever been to a postal service station to pick a package and was told its yet to arrive or the package has been processed but yet to be dispatch. These are occurrences we wish we can control and track our packages right from the dispatch station. This project focuses on solving the problem by developing an application to solve the problem inherent to real-time parcel tracking and monitoring in Nigeria, using Nigeria Postal Service(NIPOST). The Real-Time Parcel Tracking and Monitoring Application is a web-based application intended to be accessible online. This allows the application to be available to both mobile phone and PC users who can access this application online. The system was developed using open source web technologies notably HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and MySQL. The system produced in this research work has functions that will enable both the receiver and sender of various packages to track and monitor their packages with ease from the comfort of their homes, offices, market using a web-enabled device. The developed application was tested using the WAMP application suite and the test results show that the application works as expected. 

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