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Design and implementation of an online result checking portal for secondary schools



Abstract This research project examined the inadequacies involved in the manual method of processing and displaying students” result in secondary schools in Nigeria. To achieve that, preliminary investigations about the current manual methods were carried out at Divine secondary school, Nasarawa state. The problems with the manual result processing and checking were identified and a new system was proposed, designed, and implemented. In this work, a computer software application was developed to facilitate the automated processing of the results. The software was developed using PHP (Hypertext processor) programming language and MYSQL (My Structural Query Language), a relational database management system in designing the database tested and found to have produced the expected results. Teachers do not need to draw vertical/horizontal lines on a broad sheet of paper for recording students test and exam scores, and also need not to do any form of calculations, as the system does virtually everything. Similarly, there is no need for printing result booklet for each student. Results can be uploaded to the portal and students/parents can check results at a lower cost compared to the cost of printing result booklets and the stress teachers have to undergo to prepare students results. The software will make the teacher’s job less stressful by cutting down the time and effort spent on result preparation, thereby, allowing the teacher more time for teaching and other instructional issues. This new system is flexible and can be modified to suit any kind of students” result keeping and data processing in both public and private secondary schools..


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