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Abstract Billing is a critical function of most Water Boards especially towards sending the bill to their consumers. Most problems, currently seen, result from the manual processes followed. Calculation errors, delays in system updating and bill sending, also report tracking issues are the major problems that water boards find difficult to find answers for. This project work provides a solution called an SMS-based water billing system to collect, process and notify consumers about consumption. This system will be reliable, efficient and accurate to suit the requirements of Bagudo local government water board. The proposed solution uses evolving Mobile Technologies known as SMS and voguepay online payment technologies, over a solution which uses web applications to handle the organization’s day to day transactions which will allow the water board to send bills to their consumers via SMS and consumers to pay their bills using ATM cards. The burden on the billing is lessened and other new features have also been introduced. Consumer interaction with the organization is improved and consumers can easily view their monthly water bills by login to the organization’s web site.


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