Design and implementation of voice-based email system for blinds



Abstract In today’s world, communication has become so easy due to the integration of communication technologies with the internet. However, the visually challenged people find it very difficult to utilize this technology because of the fact that using them requires visual perception. Even though many new advancements have been implemented to help them use the computers efficiently, no naïve user who is visually challenged can use this technology as efficiently as a normal user can. This project aims at developing an interactive voice response email system that will help even a naive visually impaired person to use the services for communication without previous training. The system will enable the user make use of the system without the use of a keyboard instead will work only on mouse operation and speech conversion to text. Also, this system can be used by users who are not be to read. The system is completely based on interactive voice response which will make it user-friendly and efficient to use. The application was developed using JAVA and Android. The software will run on Android mobile phones and Windows operating system (using an Android Emulator).

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