designing of a Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System


This research is on designing of a Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System. The focus on this topic is to introduce an online system using fingerprint technology for student’s hostel allocation system that will facilitate and speed up the processing of hostel allocation and how a student can apply and be allocated online. The growing number of students in higher institutions posed a lot of accommodation problems on the part of students and school management. The methodology use is top down using agile software development lifecycle. The technologies involve are digital persona fingerprint device, sdk and web hosting facility. For the programming, php is use and mysql for the hostel allocation database. The design of the application is geared towards improvement, training of students and staff with the use of user friendly application that will successfully and effectively aid learning of how the hostel allocation can be applied and allocated without any problem using biometric technology such as fingerprint. Finally, the result of this project is aimed at allocating rooms to students with the opinion to enhance speedy, reliable and accurate Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System.





This research is on designing of a Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System. For every creation under the planet earth, one of the significant things is where to lay ones head and for every society to be decent there must be a planning and allocation of a place of abode. There are various ways one can be accommodated. It could be hotel accommodation, hostel accommodation or building or housing accommodation. Therefore for a resident institution, hostel is a place dedicated for students to live. Hostels are generally self-catering rather than hotels; there is less privacy in a hostel than in hotel. Sharing sleeping accommodation in a dormitory is very and far more different from staying in a private room in a hotel or bed (Iraba, 2009).

Computers have permeated extensively into all facets of both the economic and social life of individuals. It is now accepted as an indispensable technology because of the fantastic speed at which it solves difficult, complicated and voluminous problems; producing reliable and efficient results.

In the world today, mankind has found himself entrapped in what is regarded as computer age. It is almost impossible to imagine life without computer.

The project uses a case study of Benue state university  as to enable the management of the students affair unit to know the number of rooms and bed spaces available in the institution in both male and female hostels at a particular time or period for the sake of students who are to be allocated in that ward as well as to determine the number of bed spaces left vacant.

The fastest finger hostel allocation system, therefore contains roles and tasks which if religiously followed by the students affairs unit will ensure effective and efficient hostel allocation to students in the institution.

Furthermore, the Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System can be used in different organization like in higher institution e.g. polytechnics, universities etc and in hospitals for bed allocation.


The current method of hostel allocation system, in Benue state university, has the following setbacks;

  1. Lack of security
  2. Duplication of data.
  3. Many hours are lost due to slow or manual way of processing data.
  4. Inefficient service.
  5. The processing procedures are prone to error.
  6. Inaccuracy of data being processed.
  7. The stress of moving from one ward to another to know the number of bed spaces that are left vacant.

With all this problems, there is every need for those involved to act fast, to better manage student’s accommodation records and allocation, based on first come first serve basis.


The aim of this study is focused on developing a Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System. The objectives of this research are as follows:

  1. The system will use fingerprint technology
  2. It will be void of irregularities and generally fair to students.
  3. It will have a database for every transaction done in the hostel allocation.
  4. Will provide quick and safe means of accessing information about the hostel.

The significance of the study includes:

  1. Showing the benefit of the service provided by the computer helps to enhance or engineer the efficiency of hostel allocation.
  2. It is an innovation, which if adopted will minimize the manual operation and stem the process of hostel allocation to a computerized level.
  3. It is a technological change, if embraced will facilitate and speed up the allocation of bed – spaces to students and reduce the stress of the staff.
  4. It brings to the fore, the application of computers in hostel allocation.

The scope of this study is limited to the student’s affairs department of Benue state university  and this project work centers on Fastest Finger approach for Hostel Allocation System.


The researcher encountered certain problem in the course of carrying – out this project work. These include;

  1. DATA COLLECTION: – In the process of collecting data, some of the staff refused to give out relevant information for this project work. This aspect contributed to the barrier the researcher encountered and making it more tedious.
  2. TIME CONSTRAINT: – The time allocated for the completion of the study was too short, which made the researcher to find it difficult to cover much on areas that are relevant.
  3. FINANCE: – The cost of browsing posed a lot of problem to the researcher for the sake of the write-up.

INTERNET – BASED – Is a computer system in which data from an input device is fed directly into a main computer and processed immediately or at regular intervals.

HOSTEL – A building in which cheap food and lodging are provided for students, certain groups of workers, people without homes, travelers etc.

ALLOCATION – The amount or share of something that has been allocated or assign to a person or organization.

COMPUTER – This is an electrical device that is capable of receiving data through the input unit e.g. keyboard, mouse etc and display (information) through the output unit (screen).

BED SPACE – This is used to describe the allocatable area and precisely a bunk allocated to each student.

BLOCK – This word describes a large building divided into separate room flats of office.

COMPUTERIZATION – This is the application of machine (especially computer) in different areas of life.

HOSTEL RECORD – This is a document containing the names of all the students that are given a bed – space.

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