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Development of a Computer aided learning for separating solute from solvent by using evaporation method

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Abstract The problem and the process conceptualized, designed and developed, as reported in this research work have a series of unique features. The two most  significant features of  the  project are  the  reasonably sound and technical component of the system and the  potentially  strong application  of  its  real-life  usage. Whereas the existing system in the domain is just a file service focusing only on the manual system of submission. The software could ensure adequate security aspects, content depth and access features. The computer-enabled feature of the system is in tune with the state of the science technology. It enhances the user-friendliness. Other techniques related to the logical pattern of the access features to contents are expected to further strengthen the user acceptance, both in terms of the front end operation and applications. The system when fully implemented will replace the manual system of how solute are separated from the solvent by using evaporation method. The new system being proposed or developed  is not differ by broad merging from existing mode of separating solute from solvent, only that it is computerized mode of learning. The proposed system is seen to have displayed the higher level of capabilities and efficiency has compared to their human manual method. These capabilities are in the area of speed and instant feedback. The system database was developed using MySQL server 2010 (version 4.5) because it has a helpful interface that allow user to create tables and develop database without much technical required. The research decided to use MySQL database, because the PHP already come along with it has backend which allow easy connection between them. 

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