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Development of a web-based cooperative scheme peer-to-peer system

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Abstract This project is aim at designing and implementing a web-based cooperative scheme peer to peer system, the following problems lead to the development of the web application. The manual method of keeping each transaction record of each people that provide help and those that get help are being kept in a single document (File) With old system when people provide help for others by assisting with money the receivers that is the person that get help mostly refused to confirm the payment of the person that provide help for them because without confirming the person the system believed that the person have not provided any help in the community and with this it cause problems to system. In other to overcome this problem the new system will help with the following objectives, To enable the users, to have a web database system for verifying and keeping records of each transaction of money. To develop a system that   can be use to provide and getting helps. To have a more efficient work output at faster level. To develop a system that will help in merging using peer to peer. To Achieved the objective  listed the following programming language will to be used to developed the web application, PHP7 will be used for front why for the backend mysql database we serve as the backend for the application for storing data.

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