Abstract Worldwide web is fast becoming a useful tool for the tourism industry and it presents a platform that brings products and services to the tourists. A web-based tourism information system may provide on-line brochures along with both value and services. Tourists generally want to find objects of tourism and amenities with reference to their geographic position and surroundings. In many cases, it is not satisfying to find a good hotel without a reference to restaurants, sights or event locations located nearby. This case study on web-based tourism information system using GIS for Jos takes into account the user needs to present the tourism objects in a geographic context on interactive tourist maps. This city is rapidly becoming a hot spot for tourists from around the world because of its exotic locations and hospitality facilities. In recent years, it is developing into a world-class IT destination as well. Therefore, city’s tourism sector may be promoted by the global marketing of its tourist attractions, facilities, and services. Thus, this study considers web-based GIS application towards promoting tourism and providing an innovative way to the users to access spatial orientation of the city. GIS content forms the core component of this application as it provides the worldwide users with spatial information about the place that is very close to reality. This should further be used for supporting and planning for tourism through analysis, decision making and management using GIS technique, and making it available online on the internet. 

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