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This research is on Development of an online database of movies. There is great need for us to follow suite in the advancement of technology, in movies sales and rental of home with the use of Java web application developed with “Binding Attributes in contexts”, with a built-in Eclipse website environment and MySQL, which is basically organized in a tripartite in terms of functions: films, customers and administrator.


Online Movie Rental Store Application are devised to offer large opportunities to customers, according to the novelty of the movie and according to categories relating to: the name of the movie, the actors’ names, the number of free movies, the release year of the film etc. The customer data are available: customer id, first name, last name, address and phone number.


Furthermore, this application was designed to display detailed information about the products and customers in a specific order. In this manner, the administrator is responsible for all functions related to the management of films and customers. The administrator is, thus, able to add, delete, update, and request information related to films and customers.


This project aims at providing variable solutions that allow customers to track in- novation in online sales and rentals of movies in an effective way. Accordingly, this project also gives a vision of how to enhance future procedures of movie shopping. On the other hand, using social network, such as Facebook will encourage the simplification of the user registration, and provide an adequate means for accessing movie rental stores.


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This project is on Development of an online database of movies. Even a couple of years ago, movie rental services were carried out in physical structures where customers queued to secure their preferred movies. The advancement of web-based technologies ushered in different approaches to doing business, with online business constituting a predominant trend in our contemporary societies.

Renting movies was no exception to the growth of technology and online marketing. Netflix commenced its online movie rental services in 1997, and has managed to thrive tremendously in recent times, despite facing occasional debilitating forces.

An online movie rental store is a virtual platform which offers online users the opportunity to rent movies by browsing an array of available movies. It enables customers to select their preferred movies and make an order online without going to a  mortar – store or shop.

The selected items will be collated into a shopping cart. At the checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order.

Albeit it remains the most preferable medium of renting movies in most developed economies, some basic information about the customer is required to finalize the transaction. The user is usually required to fill in the billing and shipping ad-dresses, as well as the payment information, in order to complete the transaction. The customer is reminded about the order through an email notification sent to him/her by the rental store.

Commerce, which relates to the buying and selling of commodities in large scale and also involves transportation of these goods, has remained a traction of humanity. People have, throughout history, deployed several ways of doing businesses, from the barter system to the use of money as a medium of exchange.

Until the 20th century, business activities have solely been conducted at physical locations, where seller and buyer have interacted. This type of business interaction, also known as offline commerce, remains the oldest, safest, and the widely practiced business model.

However, globalization makes trade more cosmopolitan, with the introduction of electronic commerce, where buyers and sellers can interact without personal contacts. E-commerce in the 21st century has grown significantly especially in developed countries where the Internet use is prevalent.

An online movie rental is a fantastic way to distract oneself from the monotony of everyday life, and it is especially useful for journeys. She/he is able to rent and stream any movie online without having to visit the physical rental store.


The brick and mortar model of commerce has remained the safest and traditional form of doing business. This form of commerce creates a local where people can meet face-to-face to carry out transactions (Wise Geek). While offline commerce seems to be an expensive way of doing business in terms of infrastructure and logistics, it appears that a great percentage of buyers prefer the offline model of doing business.

The Internet is believed to have augmented the growth of trade in the 21st century. People are, by the click of a mouse, able to buy and sell products, irrespective of their own location. This trend has ratcheted the global trade significantly and expedited the transfer of goods and services.

With its backdrop on web applications, the online shopping system helps both sellers and buyers to maximize their utility with fewer resources. With this model, customers are, in the comfort of their own home, able to buy products or services merely by browsing their webs’ navigators. They save the time of perambulating in huge shops in search of a particular product. Seemingly, the online shopping system often offers products at lower prices than the brick-and-mortar shop.

The brick-and-mortar enterprises in the web age have also identified the viability of supplementing their traditional way of doing business with internet marketing. A research shows that online marketing is able to target a larger audience than the traditional approach. The emergence of the hybrid commerce which makes use of both online and brick-and-mortar approaches is, accordingly, notice-able.

1.2      Statement of Problem

The major and core issue that gave rise to this research work, is on the fact that there is a great need to movies the sale and rental of movies to the public, who after signing up to the website will be granted access to thousands of videos provided by the website administrators, in an online movie rental service the basic processes that can be accomplished include; online streaming, online rental, and online purchase of the required videos,  all of this 3 processes can be accomplished after the user who wishes to use  any of this services gets online, gets new, and gets a login access combination which include a username and password.  This issue is what the research seek to resolve by developing a secure and reliable website system that can function better than the previous one.

1.3      Objective of the Study

The basic objective of the project is to provide simpler means to the accessing of movies online, for onward viewing (streaming), rental or purchase. In achieving the objective, following goals have been set:

Website that allows the easy access of home videos.

The easy management of an online database of movies by the website administrator. Proper storage of the database of the website users can be accounted for by the website administrator.

1.4      Significance of the Study

This project will present in a precise manner, the importance of online movie rental services. It is believed that if this research wok in full implemented will help reduce the rate of watching pirated movies that are in full circulation on the internet at the moment and streets.  It is also expected that the study will benefit the producers of this movies, as they will now have a direct link to selling their movies to the website owners who have the website. The website developed from this study will be useful to the end users or the customers in helping them to gain complete access to online videos on rental. It is expected that the findings will expose the activities of online pirators of movies. By this exposure, the movie industry will learn more and stand by manufacturing quality movies.

The research will also be beneficial to the researcher. This is because the study will expose the researcher to so many related areas in the course of carrying out his research. This will enhance the researcher’s experience, knowledge and understanding on real live application and solution solving techniques.


The aims of this research, are as follows:

Minimize all paper works and manual records keeping, therefore allowing manager and staff ease in keeping track of customers, inventory, rentals, sales, late fees, provide quicker reservation.

Be user-friendly, time effective and well-organized.

Establish a website with a shopping cart and payment features which allows customers to point and click their way through different products

Provide all information about products and services in daily transaction

  • Bring about easy ordering of films.
  • Comprise user friendly navigation.


The main objective of this project work is to create a virtual movie rental store web application corresponding to a shopping process in which the customer interface provides an online store for customers to rent films. The administrative management provides an interface for administrators to manipulate the user interface and products (films) interface by, for example, modifying the layout of the shopping website or editing product information. The database management system is, without a doubt, an inevitable part of the whole rental store system.

In addition, the user’s data, which may include customer identifications and rental shopping orders, will be saved in a database system through the connector provided by the administrative module. It must also store and save the edited user and product information on the database.

After a customer submits his order, the web application based on the shopping system records this information in a database management system. The information management system shall bolster the process by managing it, processing the customer’s order, delivering the order to the logistical party, distributing processes, and tracing the payment for financial module.


The scope of this study is basically to showcase the actual implementation of online movie rental service, in a convenient and affordable manner, so that those wishing to rent the movies can do so.

The core scope of this study includes:

  • To maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on videos.
  • To maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on members
  • To maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on video rentals
  • To maintain (enter, update, and delete) data on staff
  • To perform searches on videos.
  • To perform searches on video rentals.
  • To perform searches on members.
  • To report on videos.
  • To report on members.
  • To report on video rentals.


Limitations to this study are as follows:

Getting additional materials to write this study

Getting every aspect of the implementation of the web base application to work as specified.


MOVIE: Motion pictures shot to tell stories about events, happenings in either fictional or real life scenarios.

RENTAL: The process of acquisition of online movies for a fee.

ONLINE: Transactions that requires internet connection

ACESS: The permission granted, for the use of a particular online resource.

Database: A collection of logically related data to meet the information need of organization.

GSM: Global System for Mobile communication.

DBMS: Database    Management Software that enable the user to define, maintain Control the database.

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