This study looks at Effective leadership and organizational performance, with a case study of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Kogi State. The study aimed at evaluating the impact of effective leadership on organizational performance in Nigeria using National Youth Service Corps Kogi State office. The evaluation was done through the use of questionnaire and structured interview question, tailored towards: determining the impact of effective leadership on the performance of the organization assessing the effect of the relationship between effective leadership and organizational performance in promoting maximization of the objectives of the organization examining whether three are leadership obstacles that hamper organizational performance in the Kogi Sate NYSC finding out if there are possible way of enhancing organisational performance in the Kogi State NYSC. The study employed survey research design in the work. The questionnaire was structured in five point scale in line with the objectives set out to be achieved in the study. The instrument was checked for reliability using test-re-test method. A sample size of 82 was selected from a total population of 103 and stratified random sampling was used to select the respondents. The data generated from the field survey were presented and analysed using quantitative method like frequency distribution tables and simple percentage (%). The test of hypothesis was performed using chi-square statistical test.

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