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Examining the benefits of integrated marketing communication to ecotourism in nigeria



The need for an organization to properly coordinate its marketing communications strategies to achieve a clear, consistent and competitive message about itself and its product has become issue of concern to every result driven firm. The study is aimed at examining the impact of integrated marketing communication on consumers patronage of Nigerian beverage products. The objectives of this research among others are to i establish the level of understanding and the use of IMC by Nigerian beverage communications institutions. ii Find out whether the use of IMC can bring about profitable long term customer relationship iii determine if optimal use of IMC can make a product compete effectively thereby recording a good consumers patronage, and iv ascertain whether proper implementation of IMC programmes can help reduce a firm cost of marketing communications. This research adopted a survey method with four hypotheses and structured questionnaires distributed among sampled respondents, which include those from marketing communication organizations, beverage producers and consumers of the products in the South Western part of Nigeria. To ensure reliability of this instrument, a testretest was carried out within one and half month interval. The result yielded 0.88and Cronbach alpha of 0.76.The face and content validity of this instrument were ensured. The divergent validity of 0.62 and convergent validity of 0.82were revealed. In analyzing the data, the researcher used suitable test statistics, correlation and Kruskal Wallis oneway analysis where appropriate. Findings show that respondents appreciate the inherent benefits that the use of IMC will bring over its nonuse the traditional approach. Such benefits according to findings include cost savings; effective and efficient marketing communication messages, sustained long term client customer relationships, better consumer patronage, amongst others. Mere implementation of different combination of marketing communication tools together cannot guarantee better results, it is the strategic coordination of marketing communication tools and the media that will facilitate efficient results and help the company influence its perceived brand value in the eyes of its esteemed customers and other stakeholders.


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