This engineering project looks at the Fabrication of electrical popcorn machine. An electric popcorn machine is a machine that is used to pop com for human consumption. It uses electricity as its source of energy, transfer heat energy, that is used to rotate due to the convention of electrical energy from the source to mechanical energy in the motor, the stirrer turns the corn so that it will not burn. This project went as far as meeting most of the requirements of advancement in technology, which lead to making work easy and comfortable for the user. To be candid, the burden of mankind because of the existence of technology for this reasons, the government is expected to encourage the young technologist and engineers who have graduated and those who are yet to be graduated from school. By providing them with financial assistance, installation of functional and adequate equipment and facility various installations, competent and qualified personnel and in addition making education free for those who are not financially buoyant. By so doing, we will be boasting of technological advancement if we are ready to adopt indigenous technical experience rather than that of western one, which rather more expansion and at-time inappropriate.  

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