Factors affecting the choice of language in a multilingual society




This study is on Factors affecting the choice of language in a multilingual society. The purpose of which is to investigate the importance of language. The objectives of this study explored the domain use of Yoruba and English in a multilingual Nigerian community, investigate the factors behind their linguistics choice and investigate the attitudes of the Yoruba community towards Yoruba language, English language and other languages. The scope of the study is western Nigeria, the Krashen’s Monitor Model theory was used as a framework. The research design used for this study is survey, the population targeted for this study consists of all residence of western Nigeria in Nigeria, sample size consisting of 300 questionnaires administered to respondents and cluster sampling technique was applied. Instrument used for this study is the questionnaire. Data collected were collected from primary sources. From the analysis of the data, the findings show that Family and friends affect the usage of language, Factors such as social interaction, work affect the choice of language, Love for a language affect the attitude towards it Following the findings, it was recommended that language be used where necessary, every community should strengthen the usage of their language.

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