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Farm settlement for Igosun community, Oyun local government in Kwara state. 


Agriculture has been the topmost priority of every successive administration in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that the extent of development of a nation is also measured interims of the quality and quantity of food available to her people. Though the struggle at improving food status has been on course before independence. It reminds us of 1959 when the western government grated agriculture landmark and sent a representative to Israel who brought the form settlement scheme modeled after the Israel Mosheim. As a result, other regional governments embraced the idea and established form settlements in various parts of their region. But due to the discovery of crude oil that led to the temporary abandonment of primary production of food by the government, there was a negative attitude toward farming and rapid pursuit of quick money led to a drastic drop in production, there Nigeria stated importing foods from developed countries which brought a great set back to over economy. The factor that led to the fall of farm facilities such as improper construction of residential, lack of maintains culture.


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