Impact of effective management of resources on construction sites




Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a large part of the construction sector. Large companies have the capacity and capability to use sophisticated information technology and management technology to control the labour and materials on projects. SMEs need help to implement control systems for labour and material that will improve performance on site. The research involves an investigation of the impact of effective material management for SMEs on construction sites. Consideration is given to materials” flow through the supply chain up to installation on site. Materials can represent up to 70% of the project construction cost, hence any ways to reduce wastage and improve productivity will have major cost and time benefits. Now technologies can help in the management of materials flow and benefit contractors with lower costs and clients lower prices. The aim of this paper is to describe how SMEs can improve their performance in materials management, to reduce their costs, and to improve the project delivery. Case study and interview have been used as the research method to develop the ideas in this paper

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