This study on the role of the mass media in anti-child abuse in Nigeria. A survey of Owerri metropolis. The study is aimed at addressing the role of the media on their campaign against child trafficking and abuse in Nigeria and to examine their effort being made as well, and also to have an overview of their encumbrances and their performance so far. A total of two hundred questionnaires we given out to the mass media audience and one hundred questionnaires were issued to the mass media practitioners. The response rate of the mass media audience was one hundred and ninety. While the mass media practitioner’s respondents were ninety. The data collected was analyzed to determine their responses. The response favourable and in support of the role of the media against child trafficking and abuse was analyzed and it was discovered that most of the victims of this ugly vices were from impoverished homes.



The word “ROLE” according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is “the function or position that somebody has or is expected to have in an organization, society or in a relationship. This will help in electing meaning to the role of Nigeria mass media in their anti-child trafficking and abuse campaign.
Harold lass well (1945) say; that the mass media performs three function viz; surveillance of the environment, correlation of parts of the society transmission of the social heritage from one generation to another, and Wright (1975) adds, fourth role as “entertainment” Okunna (1999, 274)child trafficking and abuse an emotional and contentious issue that has enormously eroded the societal values.
This in humanity of man to young persons has an age long history. In the last twelve years the crime has greatly increased as children are moss-led by deceit or forced to summit to servitude for economic purposes due to dissemination. This act is perpetrated both internally and externally, Nigeria happens to be one of the destination points for child abuse as the “crime harming a child physically, sexually and emotionally”. Maduewesi (1990) argues that there are no statistical records on how the media have churned out news on this menace. In the recent times, studies have shown that trafficking of children basically for house helps service is a global issue. Also Lutz (2002) affirms that house help in different places were largely young, single girls of age 14 years and above. Ti is consistent with the findings of Gidoy (2002) who reported a study of the 100 children sampled in EL salvader working in domestic services most of them were between 12 and 17 years of age.
Nevertheless, the media’s role in creating awareness in child abuse and child trafficking by churning out programmes in a dramatized way, extensive reportage on child trafficking and abuse through films, print and broadcast media is a worth while venture. The mass media campaign coverage on information few people directly experience and unraveling happenings that relates to this scourge.
Therefore it is believed that the Nigerian mass media can through their campaign bring about a social change in child trafficking and abuse within Owerri municipality.
I beat every sound minded Nigerians imagination why such act like child trafficking and abuse that is akin to slavery should continue after more than 200 years since slavery was stopped all over the world. Unfortunately, Nigeria has been indicted as a transit point irrespective of efforts of the media, government and non-governmental bodies towards finding a lasting solution to the change.
The exploitive and slave like conditions meted out on young persons under the age of seventeen is better described as cruelty to the Nigeria child. This indecent and ungodly act-should not strive. In Nigeria if the provision of the United Nation Conventions in 2000 and the Nigerian 1999 constitution is something to go by given the abuse emotional trauma and neglect the child in Nigeria undergoes, one can therefore agree that an average Nigerian is not much aware of the child right bill.
Several publication have been made by the Nigerian mass media concerning children that are continuously abuse and trafficked to foreign countries and within the nation in deceit for child labour, abuse and trafficking. Based on this premise, this research will further explain the danger the scourge portends and the need for all hands to be on deck for the mass media campaign on anti-child trafficking and abuse to be a success. Also we cannot continue to allow undesirable element to destroy the destinies of our children.
The nefarious act of child abuse and trafficking is no longer news in the country. Also to say that Nigeria is a catchment ground and as well as dumping point for child traffickers can not in anyway raise eyebolt. No one can ever deny the fact that child abuse is on the increase in Nigeria. Based on these issues, government bodies and good spirited individuals are expected to take the bull by the horn to motivate, encourage and participate directly on the Nigerian mass media role in the anti0child abuse and trafficking campaigns.
Better still, the study calls for ways to address these under listed steps with a view to find lasting solution to this menace.
a) To look inwardly as to discover the things that has impeded the Nigerian mass media anti-child trafficking and abuse campaign.
b) To appreciate and explain the Nigerian mass media role in their anti child trafficking and abuse campaign as well as,
c) Identifying and addressing the root cause of the scourge.
d) The study should also ascertain the government and non-governmental bodies’ effort in this campaign.
e) And to suggest some other measures that would be of help to the media in their quest to eradicate the scourge.
f) To investigate the level of ignorance exhibited by some media claimants.
The study tends to provide information on child trafficking and abuse in the country. Also the need to address the Nigerian mass media encumbrances in their bid to fight the menace.
The research will be of immense help to guardians, parents, and children the nation and the entire world. The causes and measures to tackle these mysterious vices will be treated.
The study will help people understand how ungodly the menace is and the bad image it has created to Nigerians especially at times like this when the country is leading a crusade on re-branding the image of the nation.
The work among other things will go a long way in protecting the destinies of our children and the research shall serve as a referential material to other researcher who would like to embark on similar research work in due course.
1) What are the mass media roles?
2) If given the enabling apparati, can the Nigeria mass media effectively carry out their anti-child abuse and trafficking campaign?
3) Have the Nigerian mass media live up to expectation so far?
4) What are the factors adversely impeding their effort in their anti-child abuse and traffic king campaign.
5) Which other relevant institution and people can be of immense help in this campaign by the Nigerian mass media.

The study will be restricted to the role of Nigerian mass media in the anti-child abuse and trafficking campaign in Nigeria. The study is limited to Imo state alone due to financial and time constraints. At any rate, the problem encountered in the cause of this research is getting of reports and materials on the Nigeria trafficking and abuse campaign and how to source out other relevant data.
Be that as it may, the research was able to obtain material from the press, books, and internet and media outlets.
ROLE: Function or part that one is expected to perform in an organization or society or in a relationship
MASS MEDIA: Sources of information and news such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television, internet, films that reach and influence the attitude and opinions of large people.
Anti: Something a person does not agree with or accept
Child Trafficking: The illegal sending away of children to foreign countries and within the country. Child abuse: It is a crime that harms a child in a physical, sexual or emotional way.
Campaign: A series of activities that is well articulated planned and organized to achieve or accomplish a particular goal.

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