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Intelligent recommender system for online quiz game

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Abstract From e-commerce to social networking sites, recommender systems are gaining more and more interest. They provide connections, news, resources, or products of interest. Nowadays, new technologies and the fast growth of the Internet have made access to information easier for all kinds of people, raising new challenges to education when using the Internet as a medium. Information overload results from the availability of information on any topic in this jet age. To avoid information overload, a recommender system is important. Recommender systems form decision support systems for individuals as well as whole organizations by customizing and recommending information or actions. Game-based learning has been studied and seen as an important alternative or supplement to traditional teaching. Existing web-based platforms that utilize the power of the Internet in order to provide efficient access to information regarding computer learning games aim to create online communities. Game-Based Learning is an issue that concerns game developers, educators, and trainees. However, electronic educational games can be highly entertaining, but studies have shown that they do not always trigger learning. To enhance the effectiveness of educational games, we proposed an intelligent recommender agent for an online quiz game. The recommendation systems have been tried in e-commerce to entice purchasing of goods, social networking sites and in e-learning environment to recommend courses to students but as yet to be implemented in an online quiz game

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