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Labour turnover, organizational productivity and Nigerian banking sector




This study tends to unravel the labour turnover, Organizational Productivity and Nigerian banking sector. One of the challenges and the most exasperating puzzling trend is the avalanche of labour turnover in banking industry. It is worthy of note, that no organization can continue in business effectively without an enhanced production from its human resources. For effective analysis of the topic, Data were collected both from interview, journal and recent development in the industry via newspapers. The relationship between labour turnover and condition of service was also tested through hypothesis 1 while labour turnover affects banks performance and productivity was tested by hypothesis 2 bearing in mind that intercontinental bank being one of the rescued bank was used as a case study.  The study suggested that labour turnover has to be curbed  bearing in mind the cost implication and its effect in service delivering institutions like the banking industry also the cost of recruiting new staff to fill the vacant position.  The study conclude by calling on president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to tell Sanusi that bank regulations are not done on the pages of newspapers. Also, that his proclamation are not based on conceptual framework but as the spirit directs’ and most time he contradicts himself. This call is necessitated on the fact that his action has increased the level of turnover ever witnessed in the industry as the employee no longer have confidence on the industry for the fear of the unknown.


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