This project is on Manpower training, a tool for national development. Manpower training is a dynamic life-giving demand in every nation, without it, every of her resource cannot be put to see in a competitive economy above all, it is the quality and performance of workers that determine the states, survival, and continuity of any nation. The quality and performance f the leadership of every nation is what makes it outstanding over others. Therefore, the importance of manpower training and development in a nation cannot be overemphasized and should not be underestimated. Manpower training is distinct from ordinary classroom leaving specific technical skills and attitudinal concerns, manpower training is under and more diffused and its overall impact on national performance is consequently for more significant than the classroom work. The study of manpower training identifies the different draining techniques and development programmes but it strictly based on the effect of workers effectiveness who undergo such training and the result it produces in the life of the nation.

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