1.1 Background to the Study

In 1976, a uniform system of local government was introduced, the primary motive is to take development direct from the centre to the people at the same reforms 1970:1 describe local government as a tool for rural development.

Some of these motives are the conscious attempt of the federal government to involve people in the management of their rural affairs through which the human and material resources of the rural dwellers can be effectively mobilized tapped and advanced into industrial process.

Since Nigeria started existing as a nation development has been taking place especially in the urban areas. For the fact that the man often creates for what is good, it is often that people usually rush to urban areas where there are provision for the comfort and welfare of man by way of social amenities and the infrastructures provisions. This are often of people is necessitated by the fact that rural areas are often neglected on terms of development but those who rush to develop urban areas been to have forgotten that theres every need to develop the area because they are the base, the beginning and also terminals destinations. Odenigwe 1976:4 postulated that the rural subjection of the economy is endowed with abundant natural resources unharnessed for this to be increase would required integrating rural people in the rural development exercise through the provision of small scale industries of different types. He defines industrialization as an integrated process of developing industries. That means different thing to different people and circumstances. Pic 1968 stated that industrialization embraces the means by which man controls or modifies his natural environment. It is that great growth enquires change. Industrialization is the major means of people adjusting to environment to satisfy their various and desire.

Industrialization is of course an application of practical or mechanical. Science to industrys commerce, it is a technical knowhow, scientific ideas, information, body of knowledge or material or goods and services capable of being systematic and sequential in the generation communicable and adoptable to application in a given adoptable to application in a given economic, political, social and machine used by man to manipulate his development to satisfy his basic tools, it is not this platform that the subject matter managing rural development through industrialization was draw.

In managing rural development the basic role of management is to plan, organize direct and control , it is our collective view that managers lead other than plan, manpower rather than direct, pattern rather than organize and access rather than control. The effectiveness of management arises from leadership effort towards, the simultaneous creation of a cooperative and learning organization of facilitate the implementation support rural and national development organization survival and effective utilization.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

One of the main reasons for creating local government is to bring development very close to the people in the rural area . Unfortunately, the noble objective is the not being put into practice or being really actualized.

It is therefore suspected that our industrialization process is characterized by lack of infrastructure and intensive use of human labour, obsolete technologies, the consequence of these or grovelass of control our decisions on what technology to import, low level of local initiative in indigenous scientific and innovative capacity and perpetuation of the cycle of poverty among the rural people.

A number of approaches and program has been proposed and implemental by the government towards reducing or eradicating technological dependence and other associated issues in rural development. Some of the program failed even before the implementation while some have failed to yield the desired result . All the programs have been based on the transfer or the transfer of technology from advance to developing stage. These strategies have not work because a lot of the technological being transferred is not appropriate to our environment.

Policies suffer from ineffective implementation principle because it has no inbuilt. Capacity to address wrong implementation. This is our experience or industrialization. Failure of local government in Awgu to provide enabling process is a source of worries to rural dwellers stimulating doubts in the or such programme this has distributed. The mind of the researcher and the question is: how do we manage rural development through industrialization.

1.3 Purpose of the study

1. Determine the factor initiating against rural development.

2. To identify the important of industrial development in Awgu local government.

3. To ascertain whether industrialization promotes human and material resource development.

4. To identify the possible ways of solving the problems facing rural development and industrialization.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The scope of study is the research boundary, the scope is on rural development, and how it can be managed through industrialization process. The focus area is Awgu local government area of Enugu state. The study is to identify factors militating the provision of rural infrastructures and enabling environment for business to flourish.

1.5 Research Questions

In an attempt to diagnose and identify the causes or factors that either hinder or encourage rural development in Awgu local government area, the following would serve as research question:

1. Are there factors limiting against rural development

2. What are the important of industrialization development in Awgu local government areas.

3. Does industrialization promote human and material resource development

4. What are the solutions to the problems facing rural development and indoctrination in Awgu local government areas

1.6 Significance of this Study

This study is beneficial to the society, investors, and rural dwellers and to the researcher. The study has expanded our knowledge, it has increased our research skills beside the above study was conducted in part of partial requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma in the deportment of public administration, institute of management and technology IMT Enugu on the part of the students we have no doubt that the study would be of immense important to students who may wish to conduct a future research on the subject matter, it would serve as a reference material coming on the side of the rural dwellers, it will help in appreciating the depth of natural resources available in rural setting is developed through industrialization process, it will bridge the gap in rural urban migration.

Finally the society as a whole stands to benefit from the study, the society is drawn from rural setting.

Setting implies development the society. The implications being that the society standard of living would improve employment will be generated and investment created mean wise policy makes through this study would understand why it is necessary to promote industrial project, they would also understand that the leadership effects are needed to pioneer industrialization process.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Development: this is the level of physical environment, social, political and economic growth or civilization of the people.

i. Rural area: this connotes the interior or remote parts of the local government which the central government wants to develop by creating local government.

ii. Local government: This is third tier of government within the state charged with the responsibility of development and administration of the people.

iii. Government : this is the agency of the ruling class which a charged with the responsibility of exercising the state powers on behalf of the people.

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