Media planning and effective public relation campaign – a case study of Pabod breweries




This project focuses on Media planning and effective public relation campaign, with a case study of Pabod breweries. Public relation campaign is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its environment. It gears towards maintaining high acceptable corporate identity, image, communication and the enhancement and sustenance of increased demand for goods or services which an organization offers to the public.  This study, therefore, examines the impact of media planning on the effectiveness of public relation campaign. In other words, how organizations using PABOD Breweries as a case study, can leverage media planning to sustain an acceptable corporate image, increase sales, profitability and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. A survey research design was employed for the study while a judgemental or purposive sampling technique was used to draw a sample size of 50 respondents from the population. The major research instrument for the study, was questionnaire, while the data collected were presented in tables and analyzed using simple percentage. The findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between media planning and public relation campaign. To this end, the researcher recommended that PABOD Breweries should consult media agents who will select optimal media platforms for their brands or determine the best combination of media to enhance their corporate image, sales and profitability among others.

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