Design and implementation of a web-based sim registration system for MTN Nigeria



Abstract This project is actually explaining the importance of online sim cards registration, which has contributed more effectively towards the reduction of phone crime in Nigeria. The Nigeria communication commission (NCC) has taken a drastic method in putting a stop to every criminal act made with the use of mobile phones. The sim registration process has not only help in finding out every illegal or criminal act committed by various individuals but has contributed to the nation (Nigeria) in knowing the volume or the number of persons using sim mobile phones. This process has also help telecommunication operators or industries in finding out the specific crime made with the use of sim mobile phones. For example, knowing the exact location, address, name, place and even time of calls made by the individual can be traced. The Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) went into a debate by asking the various communication operators to choose between the security of the country and their business. This actually came to the conclusion for the sim card registration to take effect. 

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