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Merit-effects of E-examination among distance learning students – University of Maiduguri




Time pressures often necessitate the use of more efficient exam tools, such as electronic exams (e-exams), instead of traditional paper exams. However, students may have effects and as well merit on the other hand when conducting e-exams in the university education context. This paper describes what kinds of merit/effects Distance Learning Students face when carrying out an e-exams, based on experiences in the University of Maiduguri where e-exams have been used. For this research, the authors used their personal experiences as a researcher to find the merit/effects of e-exams among distance learning students at the University of Maiduguri. Quantitative data were collected by a survey from Distance learning students within the selected Departments (i.e Physical and Health Education, Public Administration, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Business Management and Islamic Study) at the University of Maiduguri (the case study). The results identified various merit/effects during conducting e-exam at the University of Maiduguri. The paper also provides a list of essential services or features to enhance the effective way to be taken to improve the performance of those that have been performing poorly and encourage those that were performing well to perform more better than before during e-exams. The key service found by this paper is merit/effects of e-exam with effect to the improvement in the method of giving them the knowledge of computers before giving them the e-assessment which is in line with previous studies. Keywords: e-exam e-assessment distance learning students feature


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