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The Nigerian Stock Market is really an effective tool in the mobilization of investment capital by bringing together the surplus and deficit unit of society. The stock market is an intermediary, it mediates between the lenders and borrowers of funds for investment purpose. The study is aimed at exploring or exposing the ways through which the Nigeria stock market facilitates the growth and development of the research, it is arranged in five chapters, chapter one begins with the introduction of the research topic, starting the problem that promoted the study, the objectives of the study, related scope of study, etc. To achieve the objectives of the study, related literature on the stock were received as expressed in chapter two. In chapter three the performance and operation of the Nigeria stock exchange we appraised to find out any conformity or divergence between it and the ideas as demanded by the Nigeria stock exchange in the mobilization of fund for investment or productive purpose. Finally, the through the operation and performance of the Nigeria stock exchange shows a true and fair view of their activities, the recommendation set out in chapter two will help in improving the stock market activities in funds mobilization for investment


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