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Development of an online Registration of courses and result processing system



Abstract This project work mainly looks into the nature of online registration of courses and result processing, implementing an online management system that keeps track of all records needed by computer students in Imo state university for easy accessibility to results and online registration of courses. The manual system of information management has served for a long time now, but it is not consistent enough. Neither is it accurate enough to satisfy the people in the system due to some physical and human constraints, the aim of this project research is to improve the existing system to enable faster data capturing, data creating automatic processing, dissemination of proper storage of students result and appropriate time, improving of compilation and computation of results and restriction are made in registration of courses, thereby avoiding the mistake of registration the wrong courses, students readily having access to their result from remote destination at appropriate time, making result more reliable by avoiding tempering of result by unauthorized user and reduce stress involved in compilation of results. PHP and MySQL were used to develop the system..


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